Patan Patola - Tales of double ikkat

The name patola is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘pattakulla'. Although patola is said to be originated from Gujarat, the earliest mentions of it can be found in Narasimha Purana, a South Indian religious text where it talks about this fabric being worn by women during ceremonies and holy occasions.

Its Gujarati connection, pattakulla, first appeared only after the 11th century. It is believed that 700 silk weavers from Karnataka and Maharashtra moved to Gujarat in the 12th century to acquire the patronage of the Solanki Rajputs, the ruling class of Gujarat and parts of Rajasthan at that time.

There is another story that claims that patola originated 900 years ago, owing to the patronage of king Kumarpala, who made it a symbol of wealth. Initially, his patola supply came from Jalna in Maharashtra. But on learning that the king of Jalna used the patola as bedsheets before selling or gifting them to other aristocrats, he brought 700 patola craftsmen and their families from Maharashtra and Karnataka to Patan so that he could wear a new patola everyday to the temple.

Rani Ki Vav, a mesmerizing 11th century stepwell in Patan, Gujarat is a major inspiration for the patola and the patterns from the carvings can be seen on the patola sarees. 
Patola is a double ikat weave from Patan, Gujarat known for its rich heritage, craftmanship and intricacy. These sarees are considered as a sign of social status among Gujarati women, especially as part of their wedding trousseau. It is one of the most expensive fabrics in India as it take a lot of patience, precision, dedication and weaving a single saree can take from six moths to one year based on the complexity of the designs.
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