Matka Silk Fabric

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      Matka Silk Fabric

      Matka Silk fabric, a versatile material is perfectly used for women's outfits. It is commonly referred to as rough handloom silk made from mulberry. It has a coarse texture and is thick, very light, and airy. Matka silk is lightweight and airy which gives the feel of linen silk whereas raw silk is generally thick. Although both silks have similar characteristics, they are very much different.

      The fabric has irregular weaving which adds more uniqueness to the texture. With the numerous varieties, one can easily pick a matka fabric for most Indian outfits and all occasions. Anya is the leading online fabric store that has a wide variety of fabric collections to choose from. 



      Is matka silk as pure silk?

      Matka silk is manufactured from Mulberry silk extracted from the cocoon. It is considered pure silk with a different manufacturing and weaving technique.

      Difference between Matka Fabric & Tussar Silk Fabric?

      Matka fabric is manufactured from ruptured cocoon filaments which is much less expensive than the tussar silk fabric.

      What are the outfits best suitable for Matka silk?

      Matka silk material come in a variety of colours, designs, prints, and works suitable for all ages. They can be customized to a variety of beautiful ethnic outfits for sarees, kurtas, and lehengas. It is best suited for half sarees, blouses, and many more.