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      7 products

      Bandhani Fabric Online

      Have you ever looked at the unique collection of bandhani fabric online? Here you are in right place to grab it now. Bandhani fabric is a beautiful silk fabric in a variety of designs and exclusive colour combinations. This fabric has a Rajasthani art of tying small portions of fabric as dots with a continuous thread.

      Bandhej Fabric Material is made with a very unique tie and dye technique. One can easily customize exclusive traditional Bandhani blouse materials that are more intricate and carefully crafted Bandhej is the other name for Bandhani. They are both the same fabrics.

      Anya presents exclusive bandhani fabric in the online boutique store at the best prices. Find a wide range of bandhani sarees and dress materials in bandhani fabric in a variety of colors, shapes, and patterns. Pure bandhani or bandhej fabric materials can be made into beautiful dupattas, Tops, and also frocks and they have endless customization into gorgeous dream outfits with us. Checkout our best-selling materials of Kanchi silk fabric, Pen kalamkari, and Banarasi silk fabrics.


      What type of dyeing is Bandhani?

      Bandhani is the oldest method of tie-dyeing technique. This technique involves the process of tying up small portions of the fabric and then further finishing by removing the knots to form a pattern of dots which is called the Bandhani.

      Why is Bandhani silk material so popular?

      Bandhani technique requires professional skill from experienced artisans. It is a very beautiful combination of a cluster of patterns and vibrant colour combinations. The fabric has a crinkled texture and is suitable for ethnic outfits. This outfit is worn at weddings, festivities, and all kinds of auspicious occasions.

      What are the types of Bandhani silk fabric?

      Many different types of fabrics involve the same dyeing technique. Bandhini silks such as Ekdali which has a single knot, Trikunti which consists of three knots, chaunbadi which is made with four knots and Boond which is made with a small dot with a dark center.