Nithyakalyani Sarees

Nithyakalyani Sarees

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      60 products

      Nithyakalyani Sarees

      Step into a world of elegance with Anya’s Nithyakalyani collection of sarees – a range that celebrates true charm and grace. The collection, named after the tender flower, is presented in an exquisite range of shades inspired by the beauty of nature. 

      From soft pastels to bold hues, each colour has been coupled with floral motifs and intricate botanical patterns to flatter all its wearers. The softness and elegance of the sarees make them ideal for any setting, while the embellishments add a touch of playfulness and charm.

      Experience the luxury and beauty of the Nithyakalyani saree collection – timeless works of art that will be cherished for generations.

      Frequently Asked Questions 

    • What is the difference between Kanchipuram and Kanjivaram sarees?
    • Kanchipuram and Kanjivaram refer to the same majestic silk sarees! The town of this saree’s origin was once known as Conjeevaram before it was renamed Kanchipuram.

    • Can these sarees be customised?
    • Yes, Anya offers customisation services for our sarees! You can choose the design, colour, and zari work according to your preference. Simply contact us through the Appointment Booking page and we’ll put together the ensemble of your dreams.

    • What makes Kanchipuram sarees special?
    • Kanchipuram sarees are known for their intricate design, high-quality silk, and zari work, which make them a symbol of luxury and elegance.

    • Are Kanchipuram sarees suitable for all occasions?
    • Yes, Kanchipuram sarees are versatile and can be worn on various occasions such as weddings, festivals, and formal events.

    • How can I maintain the quality of my Kanchipuram saree?
    • It is recommended to dry clean Kanchipuram sarees to maintain their quality. Avoid using harsh detergents or washing them at home.

    • What is Tussar Silk?
    • Tussar silk is a type of silk that is produced from the larvae of several species of silk moths, primarily found in India. The fibres of Tussar silk are coarser and more textured than the fibres of other types of silk, making it a popular choice for ethnic wear and sarees.

    • How is Tussar Silk different from other silks?
    • Tussar Silk is different from other silks because it is produced from wild silkworms that feed on the leaves of trees. The texture of Tussar silk is coarser and more textured than that of other silks. This makes it an excellent choice for garments that require a more rustic look.

    • How can I care for my Organza Silk garments?
    • Organza Silk garments should be dry cleaned or hand washed using a mild detergent. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach as they can damage the delicate fibres of the fabric. Additionally, be sure to store your Organza Silk garments in a dry and cool place to prevent them from getting damaged.

    • How is Matka Silk different from other silks?
    • Matka Silk is different from other silks because it is handwoven and not machine-made. This gives it a more organic and natural appearance, with visible slubs and irregularities in the texture of the fabric.