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Chanderi Silk Sarees

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      7 products

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      Indulge in the allure of Chanderi silk sarees that have been crafted with care, precision and artistry by Anya Online. The intricate weave of the fabric creates a subtle shimmer that helps bring out the essence of traditional luxury that these sarees are known for. The designs of these sarees speak of the rich cultural heritage that the fabric comes from. Wearing these sarees gives an air of grace and sophistication which allows it to become the perfect fit for weddings, festivities, and formal occasions. 

      Make a statement of timeless elegance with Anya Online’s Chanderi Silk Sarees. We have a traditional collection of Chanderi sarees. You can buy chanderi silk sarees online at the best prices from our website.



      1. What is special in the Chanderi saree?

      Chanderi silk saree is one of the finest handloom sarees in India. The exclusive weaving technique with the fine zari weaving gives a lustrous sheen to the fabric making it very unique.

      2. Is Chanderi and Maheshwari are Same?

      No, Chanderi sarees and Maheshwari sarees are not the same. Chanderi sarees have grand floral designs and zari motifs. Whereas Maheshwari sarees have a different style of weaving technique and designs.

      3. How to distinguish genuine Chanderi?

      Authentic Chanderi sarees are handwoven featuring motifs in gold, silver, or copper. Pure Chanderi sarees have a lustrous shine and a rough texture.

      4. How can I tell if the Chanderi silk saree is authentic?

      Pure Chanderi Silk Sarees can be told apart by their texture. A pure saree would have a luxurious sheen while still being rough to the touch. You can also tell by the designs on the saree. An authentic Chanderi saree is handwoven with motifs featuring gold, silver, and copper. 

      5. What are the occasions I can wear a Chanderi Silk Saree to?

      A Chanderi Silk is a versatile article of clothing and hence can be worn on a variety of occasions. Given the luxurious feel of the fabric and how it is used to elevate a person’s elegance and sophistication, these sarees are typically worn for formal events like weddings, traditional ceremonies, and cultural events. However, they can also be dressed down for more informal events.

      6. How should I care for my Chanderi silk saree?

      We recommend dry cleaning to preserve the fabric. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight as far as it is possible and store it in a cool, dry place. Make sure to fold it carefully and store it in such a way that the fabric will not be damaged to be snagged in anything. We also recommend taking it out every few weeks and refolding it so that the saree will not retain any marks from the previous folding.