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      Chanderi Silk Sarees are a huge demand and are the most loved saree in India. Chanderi saree is a traditional saree manufactured in Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh. Chanderi fabrics are generally twisted by weaving silk and cotton highlighting golden zari motifs. The classic chanderi silk sarees look very elegant and are perfect for semi-formal occasions, dinners, get-togethers, and party events. Enhance your traditional look with the ever-trending chanderi silk sarees which are lightweight, easy to maintain, and durable.

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      1. What is special in the Chanderi saree?

      Chanderi silk saree is one of the finest handloom sarees in India. The exclusive weaving technique with the fine zari weaving gives a lustrous sheen to the fabric making it very unique.

      2. Is Chanderi and Maheshwari are Same?

      No, Chanderi sarees and Maheshwari sarees are not the same. Chanderi sarees have grand floral designs and zari motifs. Whereas Maheshwari sarees have a different style of weaving technique and designs.

      3. How to distinguish genuine Chanderi?

      Authentic Chanderi sarees are handwoven featuring motifs in gold, silver, or copper. Pure Chanderi sarees have a lustrous shine and a rough texture.