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      14 products

      Ikkat Fabric Online

      Looking for the best of hand-weaved Ikkat fabric online exclusively for you only at Anya. It is one of the most versatile handloom materials. Authentic ikkat materials are handwoven to emerge colourful motifs and patterns. The materials feature geometric patterns and motifs in vibrant colours in handloom cotton fabrics. Ikkat patterns can also be dyed with a variety of different materials like silk and wool. Ikkat silk fabrics have an elegant sheen in bright colours making it a suitable option to mix and match as blouses with your existing silk sarees. The handy Ikat Fabric Pochampally is a beautiful Indian art technique and the brilliant art can be adorned in various outfits, home decor, bedspreads, curtains, and many other home furnishings.

      Techniques of Ikkat Fabric:

      Ikkat material has multiple uses and is also called pochampally fabric. It is manufactured with the technique of resisting dyeing of tie and dye. A dyeing technique that is majorly done on cotton and silk material. The uniqueness of the yarns being dyed first to the desired patterns and later being weaved into fabrics or as saree makes it very popular all over the world. There are different types of weaving in ikkat such as weft ikkat & double ikkat. Ikat cloth is an exquisite beauty and a timeless classic.

      Origin of Ikat Fabric Pochampally:

      The origin of pochampally fabric was dated to the 12th century from a small village of Orissa. Later practiced all over the world with even more admirable forms of modernity, beautiful colors, and various combinations of geometric patterns. It takes nearly 7 months to make an Ikat saree or fabric. Since the process of making Ikat material is very time-consuming & requires intensive craftsmanship they are in the higher price range. The finer the ikkat is the less blurry they are and the more expensive they get. The intricacy level of ikat is always short of words as yarns are dyed under the pattern that is desired and finely weaved to bring the required beautiful outcome.

      The Traditional form of Ikkat:

      Ikkat is one of the fastest-moving fabric online. The beautiful fabric has captured the heart of all and can be worn in any traditional and also in indo-traditional form. Supporting a lot of artisans who make this intricate cloth with intensive hard work, ikkat can be easily purchased with just a click of a button from the comfort of your home. A wide range and world-class ikkat silk materials are best suitable for your sarees, blouses, Kurtis, dupattas, frocks, maxi dresses, and many more.

      Ikkat Fabrics at Anya:

      Ikkat fabrics at Anya are handcrafted to perfection from the purest form of silk. They are detailed with unique geometric patterns in both vibrant colors and pastel shades. Ikat fabric will appeal to your sense of style and add a traditional touch to all your outfits. Get your style on with our designer to book an appointment.


      Is ikkat a handloom?

      Ikkat is a traditional handloom created by the art of resist dyeing technique that is used to dye the yarn before weaving the fabric. Ikat patterns are formed by dyeing the warp and weft yarns and then woven into beautiful and bright-coloured geometric patterns and motifs.

      What material is Ikat made of?

      Ikat fabric can be made with any textile fiber which is easily dyed able. Silk and wool are the most common traditional ikkat materials. It can also be made with cotton and rayon.