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      You are searching for the finest quality chanderi fabric online? We present an exclusive variety of chanderi fabrics. It is traditional clothing that is lightweight and luxurious. The name Chanderi was derived from a small town in Madhya Pradesh where the ethnic weavers handcrafted the classic chanderi from silk and cotton. It is well known for its unique lustrous texture and sheer material giving it a very royal look. The versatile fabric is very easy to maintain and the most affordable among all other silks. If you’re looking for a luxurious material at an affordable price range the Chanderi fabrics are a perfect choice.

      This pure chanderi silk fabric material is customized to many different outfits like sarees, blouses, kurtas, salwar, and many more. At ANYA, we understand that Indian fabric is more than just cloth. That is why we go above and beyond to provide our customers with high-quality authentic chanderi silk material at the most affordable prices. With a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from, it is confident that you will find the perfect material to match your style in our fabric shop online.


      What is pure Chanderi fabric?

      Chanderi material is a traditional ethnic silk fabric. It is lightweight, lustrous, and looks very royal. The sheer fabric is produced by weaving silk and zari in the cotton yarn which elements a shimmery look. It produces fine-textured silk and Cotton embroidered with zari woven work which gives a distinctive appearance to the material.

      What is distinguishing between Chanderi Fabric and Organza Fabric?

      Chanderi fabric is pure silk hand woven with zari, cotton yarn, and silk. Whereas organza cloth is woven with synthetic fibers. The unique beauty of chanderi was its smoothness, transparent and fringes, magnified with heavy gold thread embroidery. Organza material is transparent and the light shines beautifully through Organza Silk Fabric, giving it a soft, sheer appearance. 

      What kind of material is Chanderi?

      Chanderi is the most preferred handloom fabric in India. Since this fabric was crafted with the finest quality silk yarn. It has a very high thread count, and a soft, luxurious feel. Women often choose chanderi silk sarees for their elegance and luxurious look. It makes you feel comfy and chill during summer.