Pen Kalamkari - Hand-painted Art

Kalamkari is a timeless art form. Kalamkari took its form as a medium of narrating stories by the folk artists who wandered from village to village narrating stories of Indian mythology. With the course of time, the process of narrating tales by the nomadic folk artists transformed into canvas paintings and that’s when Kalamkari art first saw the light of day.

Kalamkari, an exquisite ancient textile art form that involves hand drawing or block printing fabrics with the traditional use of natural and vegetable dyes.This art flourished at Machilipatnam in the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh and further was promoted during the 18th century, as a decorative design on clothing by Britishers in India.

Till today, many families in Andhra Pradesh continue to practice this timeless art and it has served as the prime source of their livelihood over the generations.
Have a look at our exclusive Pen Kalamkari on Kanchi Silk Sarees. We are extremely proud to be working with the wonderfully skilled artisans from Kalahasti, Andhra Pradesh.

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