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      63 products


      Banarasi fabrics have captivated a lot of hearts over many years. They have eventually become the most loved fabric by women all around the world. Banarasi fabrics as the name suggest come from Banaras. They are worked very detailly and require a lot of undivided concentration. Banaras Silk materials are always chosen to be worn by women during traditional occasions as they are very elegant and are very rich-looking. It is said that in the early days’ outfits were made with banarasi silk fabrics for the royal families due to their best outlooks and royalness.


      Banarasi fabrics originate from the holy town of temples Banaras or Varanasi in the North of India. as the place sounds very unique it also has unique traditional excellence of producing beautiful banarasi silk fabrics & sarees. Banarasi fabrics are finely woven with Zari brocades and the ones that are heavily made are always a part of a bride’s wedding attire. The intricate silver & gold Zari brocades require a lot of patience to give the fine output that makes these fabrics look amazing. Brocades of the fabrics are inspired by the Mughal designs of architecture and nature.


      One such royal weave in premium quality takes a fortnight to a month depending on the development of the designs to be made. Also, depending on the time, the intensity of work, and detailing of design they cost from a few thousand to a few lakhs too. They have different types of Banaras silk fabrics apart from the pure silk ones. Banarasi can be done on Katan silk, Brocade banarasi, crepe, Tussar silk, organza, and the beauty of all that type are georgette silk Banaras. No matter what they are made up of the sheer & shiny gold intricated motifs & brocades are the most attractive element of the whole fabric and sarees.


      Banarasi fabrics at ANYA are made with the finest silks. Detailed very carefully with gold & silver brocades on vivid colors of silk fabrics. They will for sure match your sarees and make beautiful outfits with our banarasi fabrics. Get our royal looking Banaras silk material for your big days and occasions at our website now!