Sico Sarees

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      Sico sarees are a combination of Silk and Cotton materials and are also known as the Gadwal Silk Sarees. The unique zari design weaving is the specialty of these fabrics. Sico meaning warp threads (lengthwise) is pure silk and weft threads (width wise) are mercerized cotton a textile finishing treatment to give luster and improves strength. The interlacement of these two yarns is sico saree. Silk gives a lustrous texture whereas cotton keeps one comfortable and cool.

      The brilliant combination of the most loved materials such as silk and cotton with admirable zari patterns and well-crafted borders and pallus is what makes the sico sarees unique. It is lightweight, easy to maintain, and affordable. Anya is the finest women's clothing boutique that provides premium quality silk cotton sarees online with a durable and elegant.                                                              


      Why has Sico considered a more environment-friendly fiber than silk?

      SICO is a combination of Silk and cotton. Cotton is a usual fiber made from cotton yarn. Whereas authentic silk is extracted from silkworms and the procedure involves the killing of a lot of silkworms. Hence It is more environmentally friendly comparatively.

      What’s so special about sico?

      It is a hybrid fabric made of Silk and Cotton. The mixture of silk & Cotton has a slight hand feel, and a durable, smooth wrap. It has a fine and smooth texture. They have coarser and more textured than normal silk. Sico fabric is lightweight and budget-friendly.

      How do you distinguish between silk and silk cotton?

      Cotton fiber is made of cellulose whereas pure silk is pulled out from silkworms. Pure silk involves the killing of a lot of silkworms whereas silk cotton is a more sustainable option comparatively as it is manufactured from both silk and cotton.