Pure Linen Sarees

Pure Linen Sarees

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      6 products

      Pure Linen Sarees 

      Are you looking for a stylish yet comfortable everyday wear saree? Linen sarees are the way to go. There are many variants in the pure linen sarees which makes the versatile fabric to be adorned for numerous occasions. The classic linen elements have a very sophisticated look making it a perfect choice for work wear, formal meetings, and even casual outings. There are pure linen sarees, linen silk sarees, tissue linen, linen cotton, pure linen handloom sarees, and linen printed sarees are a few of the variants. They also come in beautiful colours and prints, are highlighted with embroidery designs, and contrasted with borders and laces. What’s best is all these varieties of linens are easily accessible online. Whether it’s for work wear, any semi-formal occasions or festive events, the variety of options in the linen handloom sarees are sure to give you a classy look.

      Origin of Linen

      Linen is a natural fiber that is extracted from the stalk of the flax plant and stored for long periods to soften the fiber and convert it into fabric. The plant is usually pulled up by the roots and dried to make the fiber. The fibers are then spun into yarn and then woven into the very sustainable and durable linen fabric. These fabrics are then dyed to the desired colour. Linen is the strongest natural fabric and is very commonly used in a large number of products.

      Styling tips for your Linens

      Styling a pure linen saree can be very effortless and graceful. You can instantly dress up or dress down with a linen Handloom saree. Choose to wear a stylish blouse or a crop top for a contemporary twist to your traditional look. This look works best for work wear or for any casual outings. For a festive look, you could team it up with a rich blouse to enhance the beauty of the saree. The styling depends on the type of linen saree and the occasion. Make sure to look confident and be comfortable to rock the elegant linens.

      Comfortable Saree for Classic Woman

      The lightweight quality of the linens makes it a perfect option for Indian summer weather. Linen fabric sarees are very easy to maintain. They are easy to drape, breathable fabrics best suitable for our Indian climate. A simple starch soak, a gentle hand wash, and regular ironing is what it takes to keep the cotton linens fresh, crisp, and good as new. However, there are certain linen fabric sarees that need special care and dry wash like the tissue linen sarees and linen silk sarees.

      Shop Linen Sarees Online

      Anya is well known for the quality of handlooms and unique designs. We have a vast collection of good quality and pure linen sarees which are affordable and durable. The classic linens are a perfect wardrobe essential and a definite must-have if you want to flaunt a sophisticated saree look.


      Are Linen sarees good?

      Linen handloom Sarees are lightweight and super easy to drape, handle and carry. The solid texture of the fabric gives a very neat finishing to the drapes and does not droop making it a very sophisticated choice for your ethnic look.

      Does linen keep you warm?

      Unlike many other synthetic fabrics, that cause sweating and itchy heat, the feeling of wearing breathable organic linen are very comfortable. The sustainable linen fabrics are very light on the skin and do not cause rashes.

      Hence linens are most preferred for Indian summers but are worn all around the year in most seasons.