Organza Saree

Organza Saree

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      19 products

      Enhance your wardrobe with the help of Anya’s Organza Silk Saree Collection. The lightweight fabric of the sarees will make it the perfect outfit choice for the summer as it will allow you to feel comfortable while looking gorgeous. Our organzas sarees have been designed with the utmost care and attention to detail, keeping in mind all the latest trends. The wide variety of colours and designs available will give you an air of elegance while allowing your skin the freedom to breathe. Explore our collection today!

      Frequently Asked Questions 


    • Is an organza silk saree comfortable to wear?
    • Organza fabric is well-known for being lightweight without compromising on its durability which gives it an airy feel. This gives you the opportunity to wear stylish sarees even during the peak of summer without feeling uncomfortable. The sarees made of this fabric are easy to wear and maintain as there is no excessive care required for their upkeep. 

    • How will I be able to tell if the organza used is pure?
    • There are multiple ways in which it is possible for you to tell if the fabric you have bought is pure organza. The easiest methods would be through its transparency and the thinness of the fabric. Another way of doing this would be to rub the fabric together and listen to the sound. A crisp sound will tell you that this fabric is pure organza. 

    • Can I iron an organza silk saree?
    • Yes, it is definitely possible to do so but a great deal of care has to be taken. It is typically better to steam silk sarees but in case you must iron out any wrinkles by hand, there are some steps you can follow.

    • Can we wash an organza silk saree at home?
    • Yes, you can wash your Organza silk saree at home! As with any other silk saree, there are steps and precautions to be taken when washing the saree. However, we recommend doing a test first by adding water to a small portion of the saree. If the fabric changes in any way, then it would be better to avoid washing it at home and have it dry-cleaned. 

    • Does organza silk wrinkle?
    • Organza silk wrinkles very easily. Care should be taken while washing and wearing the dress as it is easy to wrinkle.