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      14 products

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      Maheshwari Silk fabrics are known for their extreme intricacy of detailed weaving that totally makes the garments graceful. Maheshwari fabrics are made from the purest form of silk or cotton with zari threads. They rhythmically can also be called “Tana-Bana”.

      “Tana”- silk laid in warp

      “Bana”- cotton laid in the weft.

      Origin of Maheshwari:

      Maheshwari fabrics originated from the town of Maheshwar on the banks of River Narmada. An ancient fabric to be considered as they were made from the 18th century when the Indore state of Madhya Pradesh was ruled by the beautiful Queen “Ahilyabai Holkar”. Initially, it is believed that Maheshwari was made by the artisans from surat&malwa. It was first made for gifting purposes and as presents for achievements and to important visitors who visited her kingdom.

      Known for its Exquisite Weave :

      Maheshwari silk fabric is known for its narrow stripes, beautiful designs, and solid colors. The design that is on Fabrics is still found all over the world as they were evolved and modified from the 18th century. Maheshwari being made from the purest form of silk, are very soft and lightweight in nature. A unique sheen and sheer being her very soft are one of her exclusive qualities to outshine the fabric world with her amusing beauty. Being very lightweight they have an amazing property of drapability.

      Modern innovations made on her:

      Maheshwari fabric is one of the unique fabrics a quite a few modern modifications have made her more beautiful and also intricate from being intricate herself. Maheshwari is a very beautiful fabric the evolution of the fabric speaks volumes in accordance with the modernity and authenticity of the fabrics.

      Gold and silver zari is an antique concept of addition of intricacy in fabrics, making it stand exclusive of all and Maheshwari is also available in lighter colors these days which becomes an added advantage to choose them.

      Modern innovations have set no limitations to design them. They can be made modern and still remain authentic and traditionally beautiful.

      Maheshwari silk material can be used to make shirts, kurtas, Kurtis, blouses, dupattas, etc with a modern outcome, they’ll still be the same authentic, traditional, and will always hold her beauty high out of all.

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