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      65 products

      Tussar Silk Fabric

      Tussar silk fabric also known as Kosa silk is extracted from the larvae of the silk moths which live in these wild forests and not in the mulberry trees. Tussar silks are soft, delicate, airy, lustrous, and possess a coarse texture. The luxurious tussar fabrics can be comfortably worn in all seasons and for many occasions, as it lightweight, durable and looks very rich.

      The stiff silken fabric has great and is very simple to wrap. They are also very easy to maintain which makes tussar fabric material the most preferred and desirable fabric. Many outfits can be customized from the classic tussar silks such as sarees, blouses, lehengas, kurtas, salwar, sherwanis, and many more. Shop a variety of printed tussar silk materials, embroidery tussar, and much such designer tussar fabric material at ANYA.



      How far the maintenance of tussar silk is concerned?

      Firstly, the material should be prevented from stains. Secondly, it should be barred from losing its shine and sheen. Ironing Tussar sarees and dry cleaning them regularly will never allow losing their freshness.

      How can you tell tussar silk is best?

      Tussar is porous, so it is perfect for people living in a warmer part of the world. It is soft and Breathable in Nature. These unique features make wearers stand out easily in the crowd and keep our self-comfort during the long gathering.

      What is the Speciality of tussar silk?

      Tussar is one of the most chosen fabrics. It has a rich coarse texture. Pure tussar silk sarees are made with lightweight fabrics and look very royal.