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      Golden Tissue Fabric

      Golden tissue fabric is most commonly preferred for blouses, sarees, kurtas, and many more patterns as it enhances the richness of any outfit. It is also well known for its sheen and luxurious finish. ANYA has a wide variety of tissue fabrics online and they can be used to customize various different outfits. So get your hands on the contemporary sheer tissue fabrics and style your ethnic look differently.

      Tissue Fabric Online

      Tissue fabric is an excellent silk fabric made of silk or handmade fiber. A tissue silk fabric is finely woven with silk zari threads which retain the fitness of the fabric and gives the feel of tissue and hence the name tissue silk. It has a crisp quality. They come in many varieties such as Golden Tissue Fabric, Silver tissue fabric, metallic tissue fabric, and many more.



      What is tissue saree material?

      Tissue silk saree is one of the most delicate fabrics that element feminine grace. They are made of fine zari silk and feel like tissue hence the name tissue silk is derived from it. It has a coarse and crisp texture hence tissue silk sarees look very neat when draped.

      What is tissue fabric used for?

      Tissue fabrics are used for various different outfits. They’re creatively used for blouses and beautiful patterns can be customized due to their sheer transparent texture. Also suitable for sarees, kurtas, lehengas, skirts, and many more.

      What is the difference between organza fabric and tissue fabric?

      Organza silk fabrics are manufactured from synthetic fibers whereas tissue fabric is made from pure zari tissue silk. They’re both sheer and lavish fabrics that can be used in many outfits.