Kota Doria Sarees

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      Kota Doria Sarees Online

      Kota Doria Sarees are extremely lightweight, durable, and very easy to maintain making them best suitable for daily wear and semi-formal occasions. The sarees look elegant for office wear and semi-formal events. Kota sarees feature a square check pattern made with a blend of silk and cotton.

      These sarees are very neatly woven and derive a lustrous shine from the cotton and silk combination. The weaving of the everyday wears Kota sarees gives a very transparent effect making it a suitable option for your daily wear. Certain Kota Doria sarees are also designed with gold zari motif weaving.

      Anya has its own style of unique designs and collections of Kota Doria sarees with the best prices and qualities which gives a more comfortable and elegant look. So you can buy fine quality Kota silk sarees at the best prices online and store.



      Difference between Kota and Kota Doria?

      Kota and Kota Doria are the same fabric. It’s the square check weaving of the cotton and silk combination that originated from Kota in Rajasthan. The name Kota is derived from the place it’s manufactured.

      How do you maintain Kota Doria?

      A simple hand wash is good enough to keep your Kota materials fresh and in good condition.

      Why Kota Doria is famous?

      Kota Doria is well known for its finest open weaving techniques. It uses the most preferred fabrics like cotton and silk and gives a neat transparent effect making it a very lightweight and breathable fabric