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      Aram from Anya’s Point of view

      Upcycling is the process, where waste material or products are reused and renovated to achieve a new purpose, a greater value and a greener way of production. The fashion and textile industry is amongst the most essential consumer goods industry thus being a big contributor to the pollution and environmental damage caused by it’s production and consumption activities.

      To counter this damage one should follow ethical production practices, recycling and upcycling. Being a contemporary clothing brand we aimed not to add to this global environmental problem. Careful consumption of material and ethical production methods has always been a filter for us in order to be a growing conscious fashion label.

      As a clothing brand, we soon realised the importance of aiming for sustainability in innovative ways. We tried many ways to repurpose the waste we produced. Thus we came to the realisation of collecting and upcycling our entire production waste for the year and we were surprised by the amount of fabric we collected. This is when we joined hands with the Local community Woman. The results were astonishing, together we created completely new products with fabrics from scraps. 

      Thus Aram Bloomed.