Traditional Wear for Children in India

Are you on the hunt for some cute and stylish traditional wear for your little ones? Look no further than Anya Online’s range of children's clothing – Aadhya! Our brand is all about creating traditional printed frocks and silk shirts for kids that are playful and as cute as a button, with a modern twist.

India's time-honoured traditions are woven into every aspect of life, including the clothing we choose for our children. From the vibrant hues of a lehenga choli for your little girl to the stately elegance of a dhoti kurta for your young son, the country’s rich culture is on full display in every stitch of traditional wear. By introducing our children to traditional clothing, we not only pass on to them a sense of pride in their cultural heritage but also teach them the importance of honouring the customs that make us who we are.

In North India, you'll find little boys sporting colourful kurtas and girls wearing lehengas and dupattas. In the South, children wear pattu pavadai or pavada dhavani, which is essentially a long skirt and blouse made of silk. Each outfit is carefully crafted to reflect the cultural and religious beliefs of the region.

Well, today’s modern times call for a modern approach to kidswear, wouldn’t you agree? That’s why our Aadhya line of children’s clothing provides an alternate approach for your kid’s style by keeping in mind the latest trends, culture, and traditions together!

We make shirts and frocks from traditional prints and the finest silks to make sure your tiny tot is dressed to the nines for any occasion. Here at Anya, we understand that every moment with your child is precious, and we believe their attire should reflect the love and care you pour into them. That's why we source only the highest quality fabrics and work with skilled artisans to create stunning outfits that are as comfortable as they are stylish. From intricate floral designs to geometric patterns, each print is meticulously crafted to give your child a look that is both sophisticated and playful. Our range of silk frocks and shirts will make your little one shine at any event they’re at. 

Read on for more details on how you can make your little one the talk of the town.

Traditional Fabrics In the Aadhya Collection


Khadi is a popular handwoven cotton fabric that is deeply rooted in India's history and culture. It was a significant part of India's struggle for independence, as it was promoted as a symbol of self-reliance and resistance against all British-made goods. Today, the khadi fabric is still popular in India, not only because of its cultural significance but also for its sustainable and eco-friendly qualities.


Our fashionable khadi shirts for boys made out of khadi fabric are bestsellers for a reason! These lightweight printed shirts are specifically designed to make little boys look dapper and stylish when paired with dhotis or veshtis. The collection is not only stylish but also sustainable and eco-friendly, making it a great choice for parents who want to dress their kids in fashionable and ethical clothing. The printed khadi frocks and dresses are equally popular and you can surely see why!

Maheshwari Silks

Maheshwari silk is a luxurious handwoven fabric that originated in the town of Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh, India. It's known for its feathery and lustrous texture, making it a popular choice for sarees and other traditional Indian garments. This fabric is especially remarkable owing to its versatility.

The Aadhya collection features lovely printed Maheshwari frocks curated to make little girls look adorable and elegant, and a series of printed shirts to make little boys look dashing gentlemen! The collection showcases the lightweight Maheshwari silk in cheerful colours, making it perfect for any happy occasion.


Kanchi Silk

Kanchi silk does not always have to be enjoyed in just a traditional sari! You can also admire its timeless beauty on your child. Kanchi silk, as you probably learnt from our post on the most popular sarees of South India, is a fabric that comes from the town of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. The fabric is made of pure mulberry silk and is woven with the utmost care. This fabric is some of the most durable of all time as it is woven with three different silk threads along with a silver wire. 

The little silk shirts for boys made from Kanchi silk are the best when it comes to clothes for formal occasions. Just imagine your little one in this comfortable spectacle at the next wedding in the family! He’s sure to look smart and handsome, radiant with the shine and softness of the shirt. 

Tussar Silk

Tussar silk is a special type of fabric that comes from a wide-winged moth that is yellowish-brown in colour. While it is maybe slightly less durable than mulberry silk, it is more textured. It also has a dull sheen. This dull-gold base works well with any sort of embroidery as well as any print motifs. This silk has a unique charm that sets it apart from other types of silk fabrics; it has a rustic but timeless elegance about it. A piece of unique fabric for your unique little one! 


Have a look at our adorable models in these stunning pieces in our Tussar collection to experience the joy of it yourself. 



Ikkat, as you may know already, is a famous technique of dyeing fabric that uses a method called resist dyeing to yield beautiful, bold designs in various shades. The technique can also be used for intricate designs. Ikkat prints are flattering across all ages and come in a variety of youthful colours too. 

Take a look at our Ikkat collection for kids so you can witness the beauty of this style of dyeing for yourself!

Matka Silk

Matka silk makes a light and airy fabric is which is perfect for summer and has a sheen that makes it ideal for any get-together. The fabric's natural texture creates a beautiful effect that adds to its elegance. Our matka silk clothes are handcrafted by skilled artisans who ensure that each piece is unique and exquisite. 

We’re sure your little girl will love our range of matka silk outfits and will love how she feels in them too! Browse our comfy and lovely matka silk clothes; they’ll make every little girl look like an angel! 


The Aadhya collection is a perfect representation of how traditional fabrics can be incorporated into modern fashion. Even for kids! The prints and colours used in the collection are contemporary and vibrant, while the fabric stays true to its roots.

Our shirts and frocks are available for tiny tots between the ages of 6 months to 5 years. So, why not add a touch of traditional charm to your little one's wardrobe with Anya Online's adorable collection? Your kids will look pretty as a picture, and you'll be passing on the importance and significance of sustainable traditional wear to the next generation.

Want to match with your little one? Browse our plush collection of silk and other myriad fabrics to perfectly complement your child’s ensemble!