Guide to identify authentic Kalamkari

Ever wondered about the authenticity of Kalamkari sarees or fabrics that you are buying? We have listed four simple ways to figure out the authenticity of hand painted Kalamkari fabrics and sarees.

1. Screen and digitally printed ones look perfect whereas authentic hand-painted kalamkari has irregularities and minor stains as they are being hand-painted by artisans. It is the irregularity and imperfection that add more beauty to authentic Kalamkari.

2. The smell of milk is another prominent factor as it is involved in the process of making kalamkari sarees and fabrics.

3. As the fabrics are being washed multiple times during the process, they are soft, raw, and earthy.

4. Kalamkari uses natural dyes which do not carry a brighter look like the artificial dyes and the natural ones might fade a little over a period of time without losing their hand-painted elegance.